We Need YOU!

The American Legion Post 33 needs your help!  Proudly founded in 1933, Post 33 served as a center point in the lives of Veterans around Pensacola and neighboring communities.  The soon-to-be-historic 89-year-old building has withstood the test of time, nature, and most recently Hurricane Sally. Unfortunately, it has quickly and needlessly begun showing its age due to several years of reckless neglect and lack of compassion regarding its significance to Pensacola.  In 2020, after being shuttered for over a year and in the midst of the pandemic, a new group of veterans came together and made it their mission to bring the Frank R. Marston American Legion Post 33 back to life and back into the lives of our veterans.

This will be no small task. We need all hands on deck!  If you are a veteran, civilian, or currently serving on Active Duty, your time, skills, knowledge, and generosity are humbly and gladly needed.  Post 33 can use as little or as much of your valuable time it can get.  There is no shortage of projects that need to be started or completed at the Post.  If you are unable to volunteer time but are able to donate monetarily, we would be incredibly grateful.  If you are or know of an organization that can donate relevant items… we absolutely will take them with open arms.

Screenshot 2022-01-23 at 14-35-16 Photos Vets work to restore American Legion Post 33 afte

Together, we can AND will preserve the building that is Post 33 and what it represents….the values and longevity of The American Legion. Thank you!